Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's December, Time for Something Handmade

It's December tomorrow!

Are you ready? Are you planning to make it a handmade holiday?

Over the weekend, my daughter and I tried our hand at making cookie mixes in canning jars. You know the ones. The beautifully layered, ribbon and fabric-topped homey goodies that make for great hostess gifts.

But there was a problem.
Yes, I realize the picture is upside down.
The first several recipes we tried must not have been invented by someone with a background in math or physics.

Or common sense.

They all wanted us to take 6 cups of ingredients and place them (neatly, of course!) in a one quart jar. Ok, folks. Remember elementary school, when we all learned volume? How many cups are in a quart? That's right.


Six cups of ingredients in a four cup container.

And the funniest part? We actually tried it. (Hey, we figured these were tested ahead of time. Silly us!) But after some digging and persisting, we found a few recipes that did work perfectly, and we can't wait to pick out just the right embellishments to make turn the jars into stunning gifts.


  1. Can't wait to see a picture! I can only imagine you trying to stuff 6 cups into a 4 cup container!

  2. Funny that you tried it anyway. I'm sometimes like that; it doesn't make sense but you want to see if something magical happens. Anyway, these cups are a great idea.

  3. Thanks!

    ...and to think I caught myself contemplating one of those "Gifts in a Jar" booklets in the checkout line today... :)

  4. You should share the ones that work! Because I'm the genius that would probably sit there wondering why it didn't fit because I didn't pay attention to the amounts! lol Very cute gift idea though! love it!