Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Logging December Memories

Advent Calendars have always been a big part of the Holidays in my family. Whether it's hanging handmade felt ornaments on a cut out of a Christmas tree, opening paper doors that reveal a picture or message, or choosing a chocolate one, they provide a quick and easy moment of happiness during a hectic month.

For this year, I thought up something a little different. College is just around the corner, which means my daughter's calendar will be with her, at school, not sitting in the kitchen, at home. I wanted something that would capture the last few years, giving us something to look back at when we are no longer together.

Sitting atop our counter is an active memory-log. (Doesn't sound like an exciting name, now, does it?) Each day, we record something we are thankful for, something that made us happy that day, or something just plain silly! By Christmas Day, we'll have a page full of special things, which we can scrapbook, frame, or simply tuck away for another time.

Want to create one? Here's how:

Using a word processing program, make the margins narrow, then create a 4x6 table. Add a background image, but be sure to edit the picture to "washout". Add numbers 1-24 to each block, in any order you choose. Depending on the size of your family, you may want a few of these, or make the blocks larger (say, 3x4 over two pages, instead, etc.) Each day, write down something special. It can be one per person, or one thing for the entire family!

As for me, I'm tucking ours away, not to be seen again until my daughter is away at college.


...and feel free to pass along suggestions for naming this calendar! :)

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  1. My kids are way young for this right now, but it sounds like an incredible idea! (Corey Olomon)(olomon@hotmail.com)