Thursday, September 27, 2012

JCA Studio News! Announcing Wave and Willow by Julie Clark Art

Hi everyone, thank for following along! My sincere apologies for not posting in a many months. Lots has happened since then, so let's get up to date!

Julie Clark Art is no longer located on, but is now on Etsy. Not only so, but since we last had a chat, I've changed the name of my handcrafted designer business to: Wave and Willow (by Julie Clark Art.) I am super excited about not only the name change, but feel the new name brings much more depth and meaning to my overall business philosophy.

So, what's changed? What's the same?

The items

All items you see in my shop are still designed and handcrafted by me using sustainable cotton materials whenever possible. Fiber art is still available, but moreso in person than online, due to the nature of the products. Look for designer fabric pouches, coin purses and totes to be the signature line of Wave and Willow on

Not only is there are continued emphasis on quality and sustainability, but a new, budget-friendly line of pouches has recently been introduced - just in time for the holidays! Woot! These items are designed and handcrafted by me, as well. The main differences lie in the fabric and construction methods, as well as the price. Most fabrics used in this line are either seasonal prints or incredible deals (so I can pass along the savings to you!). As for construction, they should still last for a very long time, provided you do not overstuff them, throw 'em in the washer with a pile of rocks, let your two year old give 'em a haircut, etc. You get the picture! In short, they are meant to last a season or two, while the designer line is mean to last much longer. (Keeping in mind cotton does fade and will wear over time. It's the nature of the natural beast!) As for the price, these are much lower than my standard line, making them a perfect choice for seasonal use, as well as an inexpensive gift idea.

The name

Wave and Willow brings such a feeling of calm, peace and renewal. Wave reminds us of how life can bring ashore things best left at bay, while the willow provides us shade, and a place where we can sit, rest, reflect and renew. Both images focus on nature and the ebb and flow of life, reinforcing the commitment Julie Clark Art has to practices that are good to the earth - and us, in return.

So stop on by, and let me know what you think of the new name, new look and anything else you'd love to chat about!