Tuesday, November 8, 2011

One Clever Cottage, a Preview

Welcome to the cottage! Come on in, take your shoes off, pull up a chair and stay for a bit. Would you like some coffee? Sweet tea? Maybe a good read?

The Cottage is a new space, and I'd like to tell you how it came about. The same year my book was published, I hung the shingle on my artisan business, Julie Clark Art. My original blog covered aspects of both, which became a little trickier as time went on. In fact, wanting to focus more on Autism Spectrum Awareness, I made the decision to keep it the focus of my original blog. But I also wanted a space to explore, based on the principles of my artisan business. Hence, "One Clever Cottage" was born.

But as I write in my book, life consists of more than one aspect. Expect overlap between the two. After all, Asperger's is an integral part of my life as much as creating.

So, what does this mean for you?


For those who are more interested in Asperger's and autism, please continue to read my original blog. For those more interested in the handmade movement, news and new releases regarding anything "Julie Clark Art", short stories, and general life and living, the Cottage is probably the space for you.

And, of course, I'd love it if you would read both.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll come back another visit!

Peace and best wishes,



  1. Congratulations on the Cottage! What a great way to focus on all of your artistic endeavors. I am really looking forward to catching up on creative Julie!

    Love your reading your original blog also. I look forward to bouncing between both!


  2. Thanks so much! :) Love your blog, as well - it's incredible!